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How do you define your Love?

Love… The word love is used soooo loosely… We often refer to it as a feeling but as I celebrated my Aunt & Uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary it reminded me that Love is far more than a feeling/noun. It’s a verb… It takes lots of work to keep love alive. We always say “ Oh I love those shoes, or I that their mac and cheese”…lol… yes I’m telling on myself… :-) But is that really love… because if they mess up that mac and cheese would you still love it? or if those shoes got messed up (and you couldn’t wear them), would you still try and wear them? It’s all conditional… Our Love should be the total opposite. Be careful with who you say “I Love you” to or who and what you say you Love. Love shouldn’t be based on anything… It just is… Aside from be patient, kind, etc. (1 Cor. 13)

How do you define your Love?


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