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The Heart of Sisterhood Project


This is typically done in a setting of a group between 8-10 girls. They will be provided with strategies and tools to get through difficult situations in order to make the best decision. When in a group setting among their peers, young girls often find it a bit easier to open up about different topics. They tend to feel like they aren't by themselves and we are able to address and tackle the situation at hand. We also discuss the same issues or topics we would in a one on one coaching session.

Each month we will discuss one of the top 10 issues affecting our tween/teens today.


  • Identity & Peer pressure

  • Friendships/Social Relationships

  • Future/Direction

  • Academics & School Stress

  • Parents & Family Relationships

  • Body Image/Self-Esteem

  • Sex, Dating and Relationships

  • Drugs and Alcohol

  • Technology and Media Info Overload

  • Decision- Making.  

Our group coaching sessions will be focused around Self Love, Self Esteem/Confidence, Peer Pressure, Relationships w/ Parents and Family, Academic/School Stress, Etiquette and Decision Making. These topics will not be presented in any particular order. Since this is a group setting some topics may be more interesting to the group but all subjects will be discussed. Each girl will leave with life work and tools to use outside of our group to be challenged to become a better person. In my eyes every girl is perfect and as parents it’s our job to give them tools to make the right decisions and guide them in the right direction. Sometimes children don’t take advice from their parents or fully understand the importance of their parent’s wisdom and it takes being in a different environment to open their heart.

Upcoming Events

Fatherless Love Workshop

Tentatively June 11th


This workshop will walk girls who have been effected from the absence or broken love from their father's and lead them through a path of discovery into the beginning of healing. Each girl may have experienced something different (it may have been their mother) but the process to healing is all the same. Our goal is to empower each and every girl to begin to Love themselves even more and stand proud regardless of their past.  

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