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Comfortable vs. Uncomfortable

Hey everyone.... So i just had an AHA! Moment :-) ... When I was in High School there were many times I wanted to give up or quit something that I didn't like. My mother on the other hand never understood my pain (and in my eyes didn't even really care) but she never let me give up. This was all preparation for life. Till this day she still encourages me to stick things out when I'm ready to quit.

But when things get hard that usually means your blessing is just around the corner waiting to greet yt you with a warm Heeeeeeeey... LOL!!! The blessings come when you allow God to place you in uncomroftable positions. When you are ok with being comofrtabel there is no room for growth. But the moment you give in and allow yourself to experience something that your not used to that's when "IT" happens :-) ...

2014 will be an uncomfortable year for me but with God… But with God… Ya’ll should know the rest… will happen!!!

Have a blessed end of 2013 and an Even Greater 2014,

-Falyn Kingi

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