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Don't be so closed minded!!!

Last night as I was watching TV it dawned on me that I am holding myself back from learning new things. Just because it’s something I’m not interested in, I don’t feel the need to read about it. Well with that process, I am taking away from my own value. Now let me say this LOUD AND CLEAR!!! JESUS IS MY SAVIOR!!! But because I close my mind to anything other than Christ, I don’t know what all is out there… There is some interesting stuff, not that I agree with it, but some people do. That doesn’t make them any different than me, but I can say it’s good to be well rounded. I learned what Sufism is… And I’m appalled that in my 29 years I had never even heard that term before. Add value to yourself instead of devaluing yourself for the lack of knowledge… Guess this means I really have to go back to school huh??? LOL!!!

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